Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/28/12 As time goes by

Today my dear friend, Cyndy, lost her loving and loved partner, Sam Morreale. Cyndy, Sam and I never met in person yet we are as close as one could not imagine. When I look into a mirror, I can see Cyndy giving her heart and soul to the care of Sam. It is a miracle that Sam stayed alive this past year and I am sure he did it because of his love of Cyndy. As he saw Cyndy give every fiber of her body and mind fighting to keep him alive, he knew that he needed to keep fighting and keep hope alive that a cure could happen as we all do with these diseases we all fight. Sam was an accomplished artist and his creativeness oozed into everything he touched.

Whenever a life is ended from a Myeloproliferative Neoplasm which by the way, is considered a slow leukemia, I mourn the lost as if it were a loved one in my family. Cyndy is me and I am Cyndy. Her experience with Sam will be my experience with Joe. I feel what she does. She feels what I feel. I am sure that may make no sense to many people but it is really true. How God put us together is a gift I cherish! Cyndy and I will share future adventures together and share our zest for life. She shared the last year of Sam's life with hundred's of people who learned how to live the final journey of someone you love. It is a sad day today and lots of tears were shed since I feel Cyndy's lost and her ache as well as her future loneliness.

Our Lord God, grant Sam your eternal grace and love. Thank you Lord for letting us know Sam and Cyndy.

Good-bye Sam!

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  1. Thank you, Bonnie, for this lovely tribute. You have a great way of expressing what many of us feel.

    Barbara Beckman